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Warehouse storing

Temperature storage conditions

The main and quarantine storage areas of the warehouse are divided into the following temperature regimes:

  • +2 ° C ... + 8 ° C

  • + 15 ° C ... + 25 ° C

  • -18 ° C and below

  • - 196 ° C (liquid nitrogen temperature)

The company can arrange storage of cytotoxic medicinal products.

Biotrans' warehouse, with a total area of more than 1000 square meters, is located in the city of Khimki, a few kilometers away from Sheremetyevo International Airport, which is convenient when receiving goods directly from the airport

The warehouse is equipped with certified warehouse equipment for storing medicinal products and diagnostic materials in a variety of temperature regimes. We provide separate air conditioning for all rooms. The warehouse provides for shelving and temporary pallet storage

The safety of goods, both during transportation and storage, is regulated by the company's internal procedures. An action plan for employees in cases of deviations of transportation or storage conditions from normal and test operations are periodically carried out to check readiness in case of threats on the safety of goods


Warehouse accounting is carried out in WMS - a unified information base for warehouse management in real time

​The temperature and humidity in the storage area of the warehouse is monitored by using the IVTM system

The warehouse maintains a high level of fire safety: smoke detectors, powder fire extinguishing systems are installed throughout the territory

The warehouse is equipped with a backup temperature measurement system

The warehouse uninterruptible power supply system ensures maximum safety of goods

The premises are equipped with a centralized security video surveillance system, each of the premises is equipped with an independent access system with identification by access codes



The company is ready to offer delivery in the following temperature conditions:

  • from +2 to +8 ° C

  • from +8 to +15 ° С

  • from +15 to +25 ° C

  • from -15 to -25 ° С

  • from -25 ° C in dry ice containers

  • in liquid nitrogen up to -196 ° С

Transportation of goods is possible in compliance with the special requirements of the Customer.


We are partners of air carriers and will be able to deliver cargo anywhere across the world.


Within the framework of the service for the transportation of diagnostic samples, it is possible to: 

  • Transport of infected samples

  • Export of diagnostic samples with delivery to the laboratory from 24 hours

  • Export of diagnostic samples.


Biotrans can transport dangerous goods of many classes. To control the procedure, a SOP has been developed and the terms of the Agreement on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) are observed.

Equipment used

Biotrans uses the most reliable and innovative equipment for the distribution of medicinal products. We have Credo Cube thermoboxes and temperature elements, temperature loggers such as Elitech, LogTag, TempTale4 and TepmU 03 at our disposal. All relevant employees of the company are trained on the instructions and procedures for working with the equipment. Our specialists prepare the equipment in accordance with the requested mode in advance.



Express delivery

We will deliver the cargo anywhere in Moscow within 2 hours. 

Assistance in obtaining permits and licenses

We will help you to get a permission for  import of Medicinal products for clinical trials,  medicines for life indications and  biological materials.

Supply of related materials

We will help you in the preparation of declarations for the import of equipment to Russia. 


We use the CLEAR LINE and Double Check principles to control the marking procedure. 

We can offer the following services within the framework of this procedure:

  • relabelling

  • additional marking

  • production and design of labels


As well as the withdrawal procedure, the return procedure strictly complies with the GxP standards and is controlled by the implementation of the CLEAR LINE and Double Check principles. 

Purchasing services

Our company has a pharmaceutical license that allows us to purchase medicines.  We interact with the national "Chectniy znak (Fair mark)" digital marking system

Regulation and customs clearance

We carry out a full cycle of customs clearance of pharmaceutical goods in the shortest possible time. All stages of customs clearance are implemented in our WMS warehouse management system.


The recall procedure is strictly in accordance with GxP standards and  is controlled by the implementation of the CLEAR LINE and Double Check principles. 

Import of medicines by vital signs

Resolution of the Russian Federation Ministry of Health allows  us a full cycle of services for the import of drugs not registered in Russia in terms of vital signs.


To minimize the costs of the Customer, the company consolidates all medicinal products and medical supplies for a one-time destruction procedure. We provide an act of destruction after the procedure.

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